in all of us
there is a thing
there is an ache–
an unspoken vacancy
in the eyes’ glossy shimmer
there is a sunny-day sparkle
that doesn’t shine
there is an absence
while visiting other worlds
or worlds passed
there is a ring-planet place
we’d all rather be
but of which no one speaks
there is a wish
we’ve all had
and still have
and have kept
there is a thing
which we’ve held–
nestled in the bosom
of our heart’s shadows
bringing it out at night
to admire, and caress–
when the lights are dim
there is a thing
we see missing
in others
and which others
see missing
in us
as we drive, and shop, and work
and pray, and fuck
there is a part of the smile
even those smiles
a bit too wide
that is never given
and we don’t say a word
about this ache
never in a lifetime
it is ours, alone older poem, rewritten.

42 Replies to “ache”

  1. Reblogged this on Love Letters Lost at Sea and commented:

    This poem brought me to tears … and if you know me, you know that is rare. He describes something I’ve never even attempted to put in words. Please visit Eric’s blog and give him the praise he so richly deserves.

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  2. Oh, you slayer
    Flaying me open
    Ripping my heart right out
    Holding tight with your realness
    Making me see the terror of unlove
    The trembling caress of thine worst enemy
    Indifference pales in comparison to


    To nothing
    Immobilized by the nothing

    Eric, that is for you. I want to crawl inside your poem and burn out the pain.

    I’ll just be in shattered pieces, over here, for a while.

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    1. I might have– but every time I find something, I seem to misplace it again moments later. Thank you for reading this. I like the tone of your poems. Quite a few songs on your blog too it seems. Looking forward to reading more.


  3. Forgive me for being so bold. I love your writing, but I find it to be sad. So many of your pieces touch on emptiness, impossibility, aching need. I think these emotions allow us to write, a pouring forth of feeling certainly, but I wonder if you’ve ever experienced happiness? Have you ever loved a woman completely and allowed her to love you back? Have you ever felt overflowing emotion from watching a sunset over a valley and teared up for the sheer beauty if it? Have you laughed and giggled after a grand night on the town with great friends who help fill the loneliness ? Have you snuggled with your loved one and felt so complete that you could just die at that moment content? I’ve aches, plenty of them, and your writing touches a deep chord, but I wish you some beauty in your life. I’m going to join the parade and wrote you a poem. Look for it on my page later.

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    1. Thank you, and there’s nothing to forgive in being bold. I peeked at the poem you wrote and will comment there as well. You’re right.. a lot of the pieces are sad. Some are silly. Some are thoughtful. Some are (admittedly) obscure. Some make a point that hasn’t been stated. Some tell a story. And there isn’t any way to really know a writer based on one piece. We are all of those things, and more. I’ve thought about it and I don’t think that happiness is our natural state. It exists. I’ve had happiness at times, and find some in each day, but I don’t think it is a permanent thing. It visits us in moments. And it isn’t black or white, happy or sad. There are places in between. I think most of us live there, in between, most of the time. Just my take on it tho. To give some perspective, a lot of these pieces were not written on the day posted, and there have been some difficult times. Some are older than others, but still represented that moment in time during which they were written. I do find beauty in life, heaping barrelfuls of it– but oddly, I seem to find it in both happiness and in sadness, and everywhere in between 😉 That said, I’ll mix it up a bit and post more of a mix. This is not all that I am. No single poem is, nor should be.

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      1. Thank you for the response. Funny that everything you said I do agree with. I was never a believer in happiness as a true state, but I’ve felt it. I just was wondering if you felt it too, or you walked around in a persistent state of emptiness;)

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          1. From my perspective, its about the not striving for certain moments and trying not to hold onto “good” or “bad” emotions/states of being. They all ride in and ride out. Sometimes it’s harder to remember that than others. This stream of comments was the needed reminder that I too experience them in this way. Thanks. To

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  4. Yes, I am familiar with this ache. Funny that for so long I thought it was only me. Thank you for your insight, now I know I’m not so all alone. I guess the ache makes us think we are. ❤️ enjoy your day! (I’m grateful to have caught the Reblog, missed this the first go ’round).

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    1. We’re never as alone as we might feel at times, at least in regard to feeling alone. That’s universal. It’s funny, since I wrote this poem, all the others seem to be a paler version of it, no matter the subject. Enjoy your day as well. I hope it’s beautiful 🙂

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      1. Eric, this is so true. I do agree we are never truly alone. When in the right place I can feel the energy of others around me. Loneliness is that ache. Lack of companionship is a harsh adjustment to make. ❤️ I hope you also have a great day!

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