Poetry is for the birds.

I came upon the good fortune to court a lovely redhead.

“Let’s have coffee and krimpets at three”, she said.

I replied, “Three is a splendid time for our date. If I spread two and four wide, thereupon, I shall find three, laying juicily in wait– a target in which to thrust arrow deep, I shan’t be late! This date, I shall keep!”

She said, “Loose is your screw. Let’s make it two.”

Imagine my surprise, as with two fingers splayed wide, she poked both my eyes!
Ouch-Ouch! What a grouch!

Gents, don’t think women to be smitten by flowery words. I’m now of the opinion that poetry is for the birds.

To hazard a guess, I was drinking when I wrote this.
#oldstuff #lookmaitrhymes

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