when I was young

we do change, I’d argue
these tall days fall
as each sunset bears witness
its yielding
taking a bit of us
into the dusky gloam with it
leaving something filmy
for what we’ve given
leaving something foreign
and heavy
and it stays
like the lover we’d all wished
had stayed
it stays
a tarnishing
pretending to be wisdom
it stays, a thing, inscrutable
dressed, as noble as memory
tho warted
beneath its threads’ royal crimson
as is our shame–
aye, when I was young
my loves, abandoned
more easily
soft petals, given
to these hungry winds
now, older, and grayed–
my loves, given away– only
when I am undeserving
or when known to be–
a gold-glimmer fantasy
which is to say
just as often
as when I was young
we do change, I’d argue
tho, it is the ending
that remains the same
my loves

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