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eric huffman bw

This blog is just a place where I can write freely. My name is Eric, for anyone wondering. Thank you for reading 🙂

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    1. Hi Dorinda, we know each other (sorta). You’ve published me in your online magazine, and last I knew you were still an admin in the Crow’s Quill writing group. I’m using this wordpress site for my writing now and I’ll probably re-purpose the old one at some point. I saw your name in the comments on another blog. Glad I found you again 🙂

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  1. By the way, I just want to say I love all of your work (which I’ve read–only a few days worth so far. you are so prolific!) and I am constantly challenged to think in new ways by what you say. Thanks, Eric. I have been talking about you to people in my life and I have promoted you to a new reader of poetry, although a long-time lover of words. O think she will realize how awesome you are when she checks out your work!

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    1. Thank you so much. I’m honored, truly. I hope you’ve given this person your own blog to read as well. I expect big things of it, important things, more.. umm.. importantly 🙂 You’ve a lot to say, all of it worth reading, so thank you.

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      1. Yes, I did give them my blog. However, I do not know if they have yet read it. Thanks for reminding me to promote myself, as well. It is sometimes difficult to take out your wares and hawk them, so to speak, although much less hard than the initial hurdle of publishing the first blog post. That was nerve-wracking! I smelled of sour sweat and my heart fluttered erratically. My mind was racing with thoughts of failure, or being relegated to the universe of obtuse obscurity. My hand hesitated for about ten minutes over the publish button. I am glad I “pressed” it, though. “I am interesting, dammit! People will relate to me! I am everyone!” That was the pep talk I had to give myself to do it. LOL.

        Thank you for believing in me. It is heartening. ❤

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        1. I know it’s difficult to promote one’s self. I’m terrible at it, because of principle, and if I do dare promote myself, I begin to question my writing’s authenticity, why it’d been written, or why, if written, it’d been phrased in the way it had been, which I never want to have to do– so I end up muttering quietly in a corner, though the muttering honest, and my conscience clear.

          I’m glad you pressed ‘the button’ as well. ‘Twas a good thing for all involved 🙂

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  2. I’m new to your blog so there’s still lots for me to explore, but judging from the first few posts, I really like the ambiance that you tend to create. I also noticed that we named our blogs in similar ways – Brazen Escape, Serial Outlet.

    Thanks for visiting my site as well.

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